Final Hour Catering makes potluck dishes on behalf of time-starved Adventists

ADVENTIST WORLD — Time-starved Adventists who have forgotten to make a potluck dish to bring to church can now order their dish from Adventist-owned Final Hour Catering. “There’s never enough Read more […]

Gordon Ramsay signs up for “Heaven’s Kitchen” Adventist potluck series

CULVER CITY, Calif. — Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has decided to add a new show to his current filming schedule. The new series will be called Heaven’s Kitchen and will attempt to single out Read more […]

Adventists reminded not to prepare burnt offerings for Sabbath potluck

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Leading Adventist nutritionists are reminding Adventists that burnt offerings are “no longer a thing” and should not make appearances at Sabbath potlucks. “Do not try Read more […]

Pandemonium erupts as Adventist pastor announces potluck is canceled

MARIETTA, Ga. — A full scale riot erupted at Marietta Central Adventist Church following a last-minute announcement from Senior Pastor, Des Graciado, that potluck last Sabbath had been canceled. Reports Read more […]