Adventist keeps church hopping to retain visitor status at potluck

Always a visitor.
Always a visitor.

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. — A lifelong Adventist who moved to Berrien Springs years ago has refused to transfer his membership to a local church.

Instead, Jack Jumpur has opted to church hop every week in order to retain visitor status for potluck purposes.

“Any self-respecting Adventist church knows that you have to let visitors get first dibs on potluck,” said Jumpur while scanning his list of 30+ Andrews University area churches and their potluck ratings.

“If you visit a different church every week nobody catches on and they put you first in line for the Special K casseroles.”

Jumpur admitted that a few highlighted church names on his list were risky options as they had “particularly good potlucks that I hit up a little too much.”

He said that there was a good chance that if he turned up at the Korean church for the third time this month he might have to wait to have his table announced like everyone else.

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