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Hi guys,

This is Sevvy, the founder and main writer of BarelyAdventist.

It won’t come as news to you that it has never been more important to have independent voices in Adventist publishing. Adventist media feels more censored than ever and that is crazy-making to anyone that cares about our church and where it is headed.

We at BarelyAdventist love the Adventist Church and believe wholeheartedly that if we let God guide us, humour and satire can help us laugh, let off some steam and spot areas for growth as a community.

We badly need your financial support to keep publishing and growing. Ads simply don’t bring enough revenue to bring you consistent content. With your help we can keep a smile on Adventist faces, promote unity through laughter and make the Adventist world a more generous place.

Without BarelyAdventist the Adventist world would be a stiffer, sadder, more censored community and there would be one less avenue to shine a spotlight on problems like abuse of power in the church.

Please support BarelyAdventist on Patreon with as little as $1 a month and do your part to make the Adventist Church a happier, more self-aware place.

Cheers and God bless you as we beat Sadventism together!!



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