Livid Adventists Protest Potluck Shutdown

WORLDWIDE — General Conference servers have crashed every Sabbath since coronavirus concerns forced the shuttering of churches almost everywhere.

A torrent of angry complaint emails are behind the server troubles as Adventists vent about the disruption to their potluck schedules.

“Members around the world have had enough,” said Adventist Potluck Rights Advocate, S. Kay Loagh.

“This draconian ban on one of the best things about being Adventist cannot continue.”

Loagh said that while Adventists have appreciated church service and Bible study streaming, denominational leaders need to get their heads together and figure out how exactly to ensure that Adventists can soon return to going to town on heavily-laden paper plates stacked with veggie lasagna and tofu scramble.

“This is critical,” warned Loagh, “our very identity as over-eating haystacks fanatics is being challenged.”


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  1. Richard Mills

    I am doing the virtual pot luck. If I don’t like the photo, I don’t partake. I was hoping that at the next GC, potlucks would be outlawed. You should see the stuff they bring at my church’s potluck. YUCK! I prefer Golden Corral or Country Buffet, etc.

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