Andrews Prophecy Experts Warn Against Predicting Day Or Hour Coronavirus Lockdown Will End

Just don’t.

BERRIENS SPRINGS, Mich. — As everyone from President Trump to your Aunt Mildred chimes in with predictions of when coronavirus lockdowns will be lifted, Andrews University prophecy experts are begging Adventists not to join them.

“We as Adventists don’t have a good track record with date setting,” said a joint memo from the seminary professors. “So stay well away from lockdown lift projections.”

The theologians said that while they understood the temptation to “play prophet in perilous time and update full-color charts featuring multi-headed beasts,” they warned that date-specific predictions “have a way of backfiring on us.”

The professors urged Adventist to focus on something else like “earning the Patfinder soap carving honor provided your local supermarket still has some bars in stock.”


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  1. Richard Mills

    Did you know that coronavirus & covid-19 make up 666? six letters in corona. 6 letters in virus. six letters in coved-19. Put thermal together and that spells 666!! The number of the beast is 666. Coronavirus is a beast.

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