Michigan Conference declares “Mission Accomplished” as its membership reaches 144,000

LANCING, Mich. — A huge event has been planned to celebrate the membership of Michigan Conference reaching 144,000. Titled Mission Accomplished, the celebration is to take place on a Lake Read more […]

Michigan Conference bans sex on Sabbath, says it’s work

LANSING, Mich. — Never a conference to shy away from taking a hard line on controversial issues, the Michigan Conference has officially banned sex on Sabbath among its membership. “Not only Read more […]

Adventist Pastor dismissed after posting Sabbath chicken wings pic

  HOLLAND, Mich. — “It all happened so fast,” said former Oak Lane Associate Pastor, Charlie Nix. Last weekend, the relatively new arrival to Michigan Conference, posted a picture of Read more […]

Michigan Conference sets up seminary scholarship fund for aspiring pastors with a criminal history

LANSING, Mich. — “Former criminals make amazing pastors,” said Michigan Conference spokesman Dan Giligan this week as the conference launched a 5-year recruitment effort focused on ex-cons. Giligan Read more […]