Michigan Conference declares “Mission Accomplished” as its membership reaches 144,000

It's a wrap
It’s a wrap

LANCING, Mich. — A huge event has been planned to celebrate the membership of Michigan Conference reaching 144,000.

Titled Mission Accomplished, the celebration is to take place on a Lake Michigan cruise ship called The Revelation which is staffed by Master Guides in full dress uniform.

“We are delighted that this day has finally come,” said Michigan Conference spokesperson Bida Buch, “we always knew we had it in us to get here.”

Buch said that an all-male lineup of speakers was planned and that a mass choir of Adventist college students would be performing Onward Christian Soldiers at the Mission Accomplished celebration.

“We have hand-picked our singers to make sure none of them goes to La Sierra,” said Buch.

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  1. Teddy Willson

    How do you know the 144,000 will all be SDA members? The SDA church is not the only “one true church” and is not the only one with “the Truth.” Jesus Christ — and only Jesus Christ — is the way, the Truth, and the life. God will not save denominations into heaven; He will save individuals. When you stand at the pearly gates, God will not ask “Did you join the SDA church?” He will ask: “Lovest thou Me?” (“Do you love Me?”)

  2. Somebody in the Michigan Conference told me it took 2300 prophetic days to accomplish this feat. Let’s all celebrate Martin Luther’s nailing the thesis to the church door in a few weeks. Let there be a “Martin Luther” in every SDA church to go ahead and nail something of interest to the church door that day-Oct. 31, 2017. Guess what I’m gonna nail to the door?

  3. Janet Brock

    Hmmm…don’t think the students in the choir would likely be college students. The Michigan Conference does not appear to be big on education–more likely academy students that have been carefully inoculated with groupthink the Michigan Conference way!

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