GC Requires Wedding Bands, Admits Ringless Marriages “Super Confusing”

SILVER SPRING, Md. — In the biggest reversal in church policy since, well, EVER, the GC is now requiring married Adventists to wear wedding bands. “Although we won’t be opening jewellery Read more […]

Single Andrews seminarian praying for growth of Department of Nursing

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. — Since his arrival on the campus of Andrews University, single seminarian Esper Rando has set aside time at dawn, noon and sunset to pray for the growth of the school’s Department Read more […]

Slide Show: How to snag an Adventist of your very own

So now you know how to date like an Adventist, but where do you FIND one in the first place? Adventists are a shy people that tend to stick to themselves in large groups, making it hard to single one out from the herd. But with the right know-how*, it is possible to hunt one down. After some exhaustive research and extensive hearsay collection, BarelyAdventist presents its field guide to bagging an Adventist of your very own.