Single Andrews seminarian praying for growth of Department of Nursing

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. — Since his arrival on the campus of Andrews University, single seminarian Esper Rando has set aside time at dawn, noon and sunset to pray for the growth of the school’s Department of Nursing.

Thrice daily, Rando takes care to mention Nursing student recruiters by name. He asks that they be given “wisdom and motivation to attract unattached students of sunny, winning disposition to the vital study of Nursing in this, the flagship of Adventist education.”

Asking for a double portion of enrollment by next semester, Rando channels his inner Jabez as he prays fervently for the expansion of the department’s borders.

In his supplications, Rando is always careful to mention that while he’s “totally cool with male nursing students it’s fine if they get in at some other school.”

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