Slide Show: 15 things Adventists say, decoded

Ever wonder about the meaning of those strange phrases and words Adventists let fly with the greatest of ease? Wonder no more! Read on to find out what your Adventist friends are really trying to tell you.

Storm-devastated Adventist Canadian camp selected as World Time of Trouble Training HQ

FRASER VALLEY, BC — A two-day ice storm has devastated an Adventist-owned camp in Fraser Valley, British Columbia, reducing it to what Camp Director Petit Gerbile has likened to a “war Read more […]

Adventists rescued as practice ‘Run for the Hills’ goes wrong

photo by SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — A group of 28 exhausted Adventists has been rescued 24 hours after straying from a popular hiking trail.  “We were on a hike that was Read more […]