Philippines #1 at Adventist Potluck Olympics

This tasty Filipino appetizer immediately biased the judges...

This tasty Filipino appetizer immediately biased the judges…

GLENDALE, Calif. — The first-ever Adventist Potluck Olympics were held today at the Glendale, Calif. Hilton to decide the hotly debated question of which country’s Adventists put on the best potlucks. Team Philippines placed first by a wide margin with the United States winning silver and South Korea bronze.

“We come from practically every tongue and nation but one of the biggest things we have in common is our love for potlucks,” said General Conference President Ted Wilson, who had dropped everything to emcee the awards ceremony. “The Adventist Potluck Olympics not only celebrates the best international home cooking in our church but also serves as a solemn reminder to countries that have consistently let us down with their weak dishes.”

Judges at the event awarded country teams points for three separate categories:

1) Regularity of potlucks in their respective countries
2) Quality and range of dishes
3) Atmosphere at potlucks

Each country team provided samples of typical potluck dishes in their country along with data on average potluck regularity and video clips of locals from each country enjoying potluck.

“The Philippines won in every category,” said Lead Judge, Seth Goodman. “Not only did they provide compelling data showing the sky high number of Filipino churches that organize potlucks at least once weekly, but their tasty dish samples were from all around the world, providing unbelievable range and global thinking. Plus, their potluck videos were by far the rowdiest!”

Ted Wilson enthusiastically congratulated each of the medal-winning teams. “You represent the very best eating and cooking in Adventism. If only our brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom could learn from your good example!”


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  1. Richard Mills

    How come we get the information about this event after the fact. Had our local church known about this contest, we would have entered at least 7 types of rice & beans, beans & rice, rice with beans, rice without beans, bean syrup on rice, rice patties with mashed beans, etc. and just plains beans in a hot, hot chili sauce. Will this cook off be on the SDA You Tube? The next level of skill should be a potluck made with leftovers of the previous week. Gotta be creative here. Woe is me!! Where is my Tums? How does all this mix with the SDA health message?

  2. Ashley

    Perhaps the winners should be rewarded the highly sought after position of head chef during the event of the year, Campmeeting!!! Where the toughest critics come from all over to sample their culinary delights. With state of the art kitchens, and the ultimate kitchen staff. Hand picked youths who have been dreaming of this oppertunity ever since they were old enough to attend their first Adventist camp.
    Kitchen nightmares and Days of our lives to follow.

  3. Loida

    A food-laden table is the centerpiece of any Filipino gathering. Animated conversations and laughter follow, where all problems are put on hold and where new faces become instant old friends. Filipinos are generally very resourceful and resilient people even in the midst of difficulties and adversity. Try to meet a Filipino today and become a friend.

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