‘The Sound of Music’ officially approved for Sabbath viewing

Maria and the children
Maria and the children

SILVER SPRING, Md. — “This is a day or rejoicing for Adventist Sound of Music fans around the world,” said Sabbath Permissions Advocate, Elaine Biggins. “This morning the GC-based Biblical Research Institute added this uplifting classic to its official Sabbath-approved movie listing.”

The 1965 classic tells the story of Maria (Julie Andrews), a young woman who leaves an Austrian convent to become the governess to seven children of a widowed naval officer.  It has long been a favorite in Adventist circles and now joins a list of Sabbath-approved titles that had previously been dominated by low-budget nature videos set to elevator music. The announcement led to an outpouring of joy by Adventists young and old celebrating the news.

Gwenneth Jones, 96, described the decision as the “biggest victory of my life,” sharing how she lobbied for decades for the movie to take its “rightful place next to Charlton Heston’s The 10 Commandments.”

“We are ecstatic to give Sound of Music the recognition it deserves,” said the Biblical Research Institute spokesperson, Milton Longton. “It’s taken years of discussion and painstaking study but we know that it was worth the wait.”

The institute explained its reasoning for the movie’s Sabbath worthiness despite the fact that the film has nuns in it. Integral to its thinking was the fact that “Maria LEAVES the abbey and its papist trappings for a life of singing and service.”

The researchers also offered some specific viewing guidelines to enhance the Sabbath-worthiness of the film. Topping this list were strict instructions to fast-forward through what they called the “steamy garden scenes.”


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  1. Richard Mills

    How about authorizing viewing the old “Our Gang” movies because one of the kids grew up to be a SDA pastor? Maybe watching some old TV shows like,”This is Your Life” because there was a SDA connection to Ralph Edwards? I love “Amen” because the minister on the show is an Adventist!! I can fast forward to the good SDA scenes on “Three & a Half Men”. The kid is supposed to be a SDA!! How often does this Sabbath Permissions group meet? I have a lot of items to discuss. I promise to watch all things religious every Sabbath day. Woe is me!!

  2. Ray Kraft

    How about “The Passion,” by Mel Gibson, which depicts the trial and crucifixion of Christ?

    A bit gruesome, but the trial and crucifixion as described in the Bible is a bit gruesome.

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