Slide Show: Celebrities with an Adventist Connection — Part II

Joyce Bryant

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Famous singer and actress in the 1940s and 1950s, noted for her silver-tinted hair and mermaid dresses. Left the entertainment industry at the height of her career to devote herself to the SDA church. She was also part of the civil rights movement, meeting frequently with Martin Luther King, Jr. Also organized fundraisers to buy food, clothing and medicine for blacks, but couldn't convince the church to take a stand against discrimination. Fun Facts: Some of her nicknames include: "the Bronze Blonde Bombshell" and "the Black Marilyn Monroe."

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  1. Snodgrass

    Still haven’t seen Tommy Morrison on here. He went SDA for a while. He was a late 1980s “great-white-hope” boxer who claimed to be a grandnephew of John Wayne and famously developed HIV. He later died of AIDS. The general public might remember him as “Tommy Gunn” in one of the later Rocky movies

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