Slide Show: 11 Adventist-appropriate alternatives to Halloween

11.) Sleep

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Let's be honest: Halloween falls on a Friday night this year, so anything that smacks of a party is out. The best option is probably to tire the family out with some vigorous pre-sunset household cleaning, shut off the porch light and go to bed early. (Photo via

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  1. Milla smith

    Dude. Yes. Friday night. It took 12 slides to remind us of the obvious. Friday night. Children should be bathing, teens should be ironing their clothes and mothers should be frantically rushing around guarding the edges of the sabbath

  2. kimi :)

    The two Carolines?!?! Is that the story where the girl was so sweet to her teacher and so nasty to her mom, until her teacher secretly came to visit? Yeah… that one left a mark!

  3. Richard Mills

    I know youse guys has been to my church, cuz we done all of that stuff, usually one time becuz somebuddy complained it was treading too close on the devils ground. Even other Christian denominations have to dream up something to keep their kids off the street. Have a Haystack party! Woe is me.

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