Scottish Adventist banned from Michigan Conference for “cross-dressing”

Nice socks.
Nice socks.

UPTITE, Mich. — A Scottish Adventist visiting Michigan for the first time was chased out of Uptite Lane Adventist Church for what stone-faced deacons called “shameless cross-dressing.”

Alastair Mclaughlin who had decided to wear a traditional Scottish kilt to church barely made it into Uptite’s foyer before being questioned by the congregation’s disciplinary committee about why he was “dressed so femme.”

As he was questioned, multiple church members filed past Mclaughlin with expensive brooches, watches and other sparkly non-jewelry a-dangling.

The disciplinary committee offered Mclaughlin the choice of getting out of his “lady dress” and into a baptismal robe (no pants were available) or leaving.

Mclaughlin claimed he was too jetlagged to see much of a difference between a kilt and a baptismal robe.

He wished his Uptite brethren a “Happy Sabbath” and headed back to the hotel right before the morning’s James 2:2 scripture reading.

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  1. Kaleb

    Baptismal robes and robes that Jesus wore in those days are he-man clothing, eh? Perhaps we should all don them each Sabbath morning.

    Even in jest, this subject is just getting too much. We can all look prim and proper like a right shiny apple but be really rotten to the core.

  2. Tomu Bryson

    Hypocrites is very much in existence in adventist churches just like in Jesus’ time. People are more concerned with the outer rather than the inner side of things. T

  3. Teodoro Gomez

    Stupid site never shows reader’s comments except for their favorite spoiled child, RicheeRich. Enough. My friends and I has got better things to do besides read this wasteland.

  4. Futile Question

    Sevvy, don’t you realize that a major factor in people coming to sites like this is the ability to post comments and interact with other commenters? You’re “shooting yourself in the foot” by blocking comments. Your loss. . . .

  5. What’s gonna happen to all those lads & lassies who show up at the next Pathfinder Camporee? Just wonderin?
    FYI-how about those guys from the Pacific islands who wear native ‘dress” at the GC stage parade? Gimme some Little Debbies!!

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