Adventist deacons issued Super Soakers to wake up church nappers

ADVENTIST WORLD — Adventist deacons have received the ultimate weapon to combat napping in church: Super Soakers. Shipments of the high-power water guns arrived at Adventist churches worldwide Read more […]

Scottish Adventist banned from Michigan Conference for “cross-dressing”

UPTITE, Mich. — A Scottish Adventist visiting Michigan for the first time was chased out of Uptite Lane Adventist Church for what stone-faced deacons called “shameless cross-dressing.” Alastair Read more […]

Black Sabbath members visit Adventist Church, change name to Happy Sabbath

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — A chance visit to an Adventist church in Loma Linda last Sabbath has reportedly led members of world-renowned heavy metal band Black Sabbath to change their name to Happy Read more […]