No News Is Good News: It’s Been A While Since Women’s Ordination Has Been In Adventist News So It’s Safe To Assume It’s All Been Solved By Now

Over the last few months, nobody’s been saying much about women’s ordination. We’re guessing that’s because we Adventists have officially worked the whole thing out. Who knew we had it in us to solve what, just a year or two ago, was THE hot potato vexing just about anyone following Adventist policymaking.

It seems like just yesterday serious bandwidth was given to arguing about something as petty as appropriate punishment for fellow believers that didn’t toe the party line. MAN are we glad that nonsense is over.

We don’t know who made this whole thing go away but congrats, for REALS. It was such a loaded issue. Nobody seemed to be able to think outside their preconceived notions when it came to voting it. The fact that we’ve moved on to other things is quite frankly amazing.

We gotta say: Now that we’ve successfully closed this chapter there simply is no mountain we can’t scale as a church. We could even start caring about mission.


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  1. Kay

    As a founding board member of TEAM (Time for Equality in Adventist Ministry) I found this post hysterical. Thanks for keeping it real…..and for pointing out that maybe (??) our church could possibly, at some point in time, care more about mission than white male hierarchy (translate POWER). But, do you actually think that will ever happen? Humility, although they tout how much they have, is not the strong suit of our current administration. Nor are the concepts of honesty and integrity highly valued by the leadership.

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