Nobody Celebrating Unbroken Record Of White, Male GC Leadership

SILVER SPRING, Md. — The traditional ivory white sheet cake at the annual gathering of Adventist Heritage Enthusiasts was dispensed with this year due to the difficulty of sharing cake via Zoom and because of the cake’s uncomfortable resemblance to 157 years of denominational leadership.

“At the peak of the Adventist denomination’s diversity and international reach, one embarrassing fact remains: we only trust old white men to lead us,” said White Estate archivist Blanca de Blanco, addressing the online gathering.

“It doesn’t seem to matter how well represented we are in parts of the world that are anything but white, when it comes to calling the shots, we still seem to need an aging Caucasian male,” she added.

Speaking to a computer screen of dour faces, Blanco insisted something had to change.

“We’ve got to do better than this,” said Blanco.

“At this rate there will be a female pope before a non-white GC president.”


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  1. Marcy

    We have had far too many years of social justice for MEN in the organization. It has been and is more than ever a huge threat to the over inflated male ego to to have one woman get into a high position in the denomination or, god forbid, one being ordained. One woman being ordained, white or black demotes all males to the position of slaves to that one woman, to hear them tell it. I can never figure out how men could quiver so fearfully when a woman gets up to preach. Maybe it is because they have something to hide that they are afraid she will tell.

      1. Marcy

        I do not come here to laugh, but to see the irony of the problems in a church that has conformed to the world pointed out in a new light. As the investigative judgement is in its closing days, the men in the church are still insisting in claiming the highest place in the new kingdom. Mary has already been awarded the first place, and they don’t even know it. She was first at the resurrection, First to speak to Him and first to preach a risen Saviour.
        The church that has Christ still knocking on a closed door outside of a proud organization, is soon going to knock at the shut door to the wedding, and hear Christ Jesus say, “I never knew you.”

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