Netflix picks up “The Record Keeper”

About time!
About time!

LOS GATOS, Calif. — Media giant Netflix has announced that it has acquired the rights to stream Adventist steampunk series The Record Keeper on its platform.

The acquisition negotiation was complicated as the Adventist Church had canceled the release of the show because of perceived theological inaccuracies.

Netflix spokesperson Block “Buster” Tueur said that church officials had orginally refused to sell the rights to the series.

“It took a lot of convincing,” said Tueur who said that he personally had spent hours plying members of the Biblical Research Institute with carob cookies and “cups of some equally nasty fake coffee called Postum before they agreed to a deal.”

Tueur said that BRI officials finally agreed to a test run of The Record Keeper on Netflix as long as the company promised to offer the entire catalogue of Mission Spotlight videos in their listings as well.

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  1. Maybe “Record Keeper” will go the way of “HackSaw Ridge”. What Netflix needs to do is market the main stars of this film-T-shirts, bobble head dolls, dinner plates, bumper stickers, other clothing, food items like health candy bars, baseball caps, removable tattoo stickers for kids, coloring books. This marketing ploy is what brings in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Look into a mini-TV series. Hook up with Hallmark. Don’t forget to copyright & trademark everything. Get a good lawyer. Pitch it before Shark Tank. !!

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