La Sierra theology major feels called to ask out hottest nursing major

He needs prayers...
He needs prayers…

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — With just days to go before Christmas break, La Sierra University Theology Major Tei Amo has confessed to feeling a calling deep inside to ask out the hottest nursing major enrolled at the university.

Although he hasn’t previously worked up the courage to ask for her name, Amo told his small group Bible study that he is throwing caution to the wind and will pursue this burden that has been placed on his heart.

“I am just going to step out in faith,” said Amo, moments after spotting the nursing major in the library.

Right before introducing himself, Amo asked his friends to pray and steadied his nerves by solemly telling them that “sometimes we are asked to do things that may seem like foolishness to the world.”

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  1. Richard mills

    Tei is way out in left field on this one. I did this years ago visiting the New England San. Got rebuffed. Glad it happened. Many of those are now retired, old & out of shape. My current spouse is in pretty good shape for her age no regrets . Good Luck, Bro.

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