GC leaders rushed away in ambulances after Ice Bucket Challenge

This GC official was going to take it like a man....
This GC official was going to take it like a man….

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Right after finishing work today, 30 high-level General Conference Leaders were rushed away to local hospitals in ambulances after having buckets of ice water dumped on their heads.

The officials had mustered the courage to attempt the Ice Bucket Challenge, a fundraising campaign which has already raised over $100 million to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.

“So that nobody had to go first, we all decided to have ice water dumped on us simultaneously,” said Personal Ministries Director Raylan Dibbs. “I think everyone just sort of panicked when the ice water hit. It wasn’t pretty.”

Paramedics that were hastily called to the scene treated the leaders for symptoms of mild shock and area hospitals that accepted the ambulances are so far reporting no serious conditions.

“They should all have just donated money instead. Our medical plan does not cover for mass foolishness,” said GC Risk Management Director Rachel Rasmussen who was not impressed with the stunt. “This could easily have gone wrong and turned into unnecessary martyrdom.”

Asked to comment on the incident, ALS Association spokesperson Jenny Rivers defended the fundraiser but cautioned that those participating should be physically fit enough to withstand the ice water. “Your church needs younger leaders,” said Rivers.

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  1. Richard Mills

    Me thinks this GC staff is in plenty of HOT water for this stunt. Scripture says we are already in the LUKE WARM water. Will this be repeated at the 2015 GC in the hot, steamy, humid weather of San Antonio? Way to be COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL . Woe is me.

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