GC introduces term limits


SILVER SPRING, Md. — The General Conference headquarters of the Adventist Church has declared that it will self-impose term limits of 10 years on all its voted positions.

GC director of Job Insecurity, Seeyo Leigta said that the term limits would guard against “autocratic staleness that can creep into the best of organizations like stale corn chips that ruin a perfectly good haystack.”

Leigta said that after 10 years leaders have done whatever good they were going to do in their role.

“Anything beyond a decade tends to look like the church leadership equivalent of a bad movie sequel,” said Leigta.

He revealed that although the idea of term limits had been circulating for some time, the decision to implement them had been made after reporters at the recent Annual Council meetings mistook the gatherings for a retirement conference.

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  1. Dr. Spock

    Today researchers announced that the brain continues to function for a while after the body dies. On the flip side of that theory, I offer Nancy Pelosi, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Louise Slaughter, Maxine Waters, and Hillary Clinton as proof that the brain can cease functioning and the body can still carry on.

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