Andrews Seminarian Convinced He Is Predestined For Marriage

No doubt.

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. — Seasoned Andrews seminarian Amo Reterno, put a brave face on Valentines this year, certain that love was bound to come knocking in time for a pre-graduation engagement.

Despite his professors’ best efforts to persuade him otherwise, Reterno strode with Calvinist zeal around campus, absolutely assured that he was predestined for marriage.

Although he did, in a reflective moment, admit that he didn’t know the day or the hour he would meet the nursing major of his dreams, Reterno shared with close friends that he had pre-purchased a promise ring “as an act of faith.”


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  1. Marcy

    When you first posted this, I did not understand that you were making light of those who believe ”husband of one wife” means that a minister is required to be a married MAN. Paul himself was not married when he was ordained as a minister.

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