Loma Linda Church Greeters Trade Handshakes For Fist Bumps To Fight Coronavirus

Happy Sabbath

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Adventist churches in the Loma Linda area have taken it upon themselves to set a good example during the coronavirus outbreak. Instead of shaking members’ hands to wish them a Happy Sabbath, church greeters will, at most, usher a Sabbath fist bump.

Communion footwashing is on indefinite pause as Loma Linda University Health epidemiologists have warned those little basins are petri dishes primed for disaster.

Local congregations have also stationed ushers that will act as bouncers ready to sternly eject anyone who sneezes during the service.

Members have been warned against fake sneezing just to get out of long sermons.


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  1. Richard Mills

    In my church we do it differently. First, we bump with the right fist-to show the right hand of fellowship. Then we do the left fist-to show we are not left behind. A few want to bump body sides. I’m not sure what that supposed to mean. Recently, it got out of hand and the Head Deaconess along with a church security aide had to intervene. For me, those hugs&kisses are OUT!
    MAGA=Make Adventism Great Again at INDY 2020 GC.

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