North American Division Renamed Breadbasket

SILVER SPRING, Md. — As part of a pro-unity re-branding exercise for the regions of the Adventist Church worldwide, the antiquated “divisions” term will be scrapped.

“It doesn’t do much for Adventist unity to have our world parceled out in divisions,” said an announcement about the upcoming name change. “Plus, nobody ever knows what names like the Trans-European Division even mean. It’s time for the confusion to end.”

A highly international brainstorming committee has made some progress on new names for divisions.

The North American Division will simply be called Breadbasket from now on.

The Southern Asia Pacific Division will be known as Potluck Best Practice Zone.

The provisional name for the South American Division is World HQ.


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  1. Richard Mills

    I found lotsa diversity in that breadbasket-Italian bread, French bread, Pita bread, hardshell & softshell rolls, brown bread, yellow bread, Olive Garden bread stick, Penera bread, Taco flavored bread. Wonder what color bread Jesus passed around the table? Must have been Jewish bread!!
    I say M.A.G. A. Make Adventism Great Again @ 2020GC.

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