After decade of letting light shine, Adventist woman considers mentioning Jesus

time to switch things up?
time to switch things up?

EAU CLAIRE, Mich. — Shyla DeMurr, a committed Seventh-day Adventist, has been practicing the “Living the Sermon” method of evangelism for well over a decade and thinks that she may have to talk the walk as well now.

After years of hearing about how Christians should behave, DeMurr decided to let her actions and deeds do the evangelizing for her. She prepared answers for the many questions she expected people to ask her when they noticed how peaceful, loving and non-addicted to drugs her lifestyle was. However, the flood of questions didn’t come.

“I always made sure to bring a vegetarian lunch with plenty of fruit to work,” said DeMurr. “But so many people are health-conscious nowadays that they hardly noticed. Actually, someone did say something about my Stripples the other day, but that was only to tell me that I should probably lay off on the overly processed, salty veggie meats.”

DeMurr also takes time each week to volunteer with organizations outside of her denomination. She makes sure she is kind, patient, loving and friendly. The only problem is that most of the volunteers are the same way.

“And some of them don’t even go to church!” said a very surprised DeMurr.

DeMurr lets all of her friends, family and acquaintances know that she won’t go out and do social activities from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset, but is flabbergasted that most people are respectful and quietly accepting of her decision. “They usually say, ‘Sure, no problem! Another time then!'” said DeMurr, sadly shaking her head.

Having spent most of her time steeling herself for insults, arguments and confrontations that might arise when people ask about her beliefs, DeMurr was wholly unprepared for the utter lack of curiosity.

“It’s come to the point where people think it’s impolite to ask others about their religion,” complained DeMurr. “I might actually have to make an effort. Like, I think I might actually have to talk about Jesus with people instead of waiting for them to come up to me. Bummer.”


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Where single Adventists meet. Free 2-year membership. Single, separated, divorced and widowed Adventists who want to change that status wanted. Helping Adventists to marry Adventists.

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    1. Ray Kraft

      And Jesus said, “You fed the hungry. You cared for the sick. You sheltered the homeless. What you have done for them, you have done for me.”

      Matthew 25

      This isn’t about “what Jesus has done for you,” it is about what you have done for Jesus in the persons of the hungry, the sick, the homeless.

      1. Ray, you are right – Christianity is about what we do for Jesus in the persons of the hungry, the sick, the homeless. But my definition of “witnessing” came from Jesus’ command to the former demoniac, “Go home to your friends and neighbors and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how He has had mercy on you.” (Mark 5:19).

  1. Ray Kraft

    Poor Shyla will soon discover that every other Christian church in the country has already been talking about Jesus for a long time . . . the Catholic church was talking about Jesus 1,500 years before Ellen G. White was born!

    And there are two big feature film movies about Jesus at Redbox right now . . . “Risen” . . . and “The Young Messiah.”

    The Mormons knock on my door, they wanna talk about Jesus. The Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on my door, they wanna talk about Jesus. I am surrounded by half a dozen Mega-churches (much much bigger than any of the nearby Adventist churches) and they talk about Jesus a lot, too.

    1. I think witnessing may actually involve several aspects, such as telling how much He has done for us spiritually (Mark 5:19), being kind to people who mistreat us and praying for enemies (Matt. 5:44), and showing God’s love to others by direct acts of unselfish service (Matt. 25; James 1:27; Matt. 5:41; John 13:35; Galatians 6:2).

  2. Scotty Moreno

    The lady “makes sure she is kind, patient, loving and friendly. The only problem is that most of the other volunteers are the same way. And some of them don’t even go to church!” So true. Some of the nicest people I ever knew were atheist co-workers. And some of the meanest people I ever met were church-goers. The Elks Club, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, etc. are full of nice, polite, reasonable people. But church board meetings are full of petty 2-year old whiners in adult bodies. It’s almost like you have to go to clubs to meet nice people nowadays. Go figure. What’s the world coming to? Or what’s the church coming to?

    1. richard mills

      Yo, Scotty-This ain’t your real name. I know you have been to my church board meetings in recent years. I’m gonna find out your real identity and bring you up for church discipline. What could I accuse you of? I know, you broke all Ten Commandments, plus you hoard lots of Little Debbies, you want to be first in the pot luck line every Sabbath, You gorge on Loma Linda & Worthington products 24/7. Watch Out-the GC police are watching you. They see you half way up front on the right side of the church. Sitting on the end seat. You are always turning around to see who comes thru the door. Yep. I got it all figured out. Woe iz me all the way to the Confrence office.

  3. Fido Castro

    Señora DeMurr should come visit Cuba. How about one small bowl of rice per day? We’ll show her that Amerika isn’t that bad after all, even if you have to put up with crooked Hideous Hillary and sleazy socialist Burned-out Bernie. Raul and I like the SNL versions much better. Step aside Bernie and Hillary, make way for Larry David and Kate McKinnon. Vote David/McKinnon 2016!

  4. Donald Tramp

    Witnessing means trying to explain to a judge or jury why they should not convict you of fraud for running a fake university that swindled millions of dollars out of gullible real-estate-investor wannabe’s. #TrampUniversityFraud #DumpTrump #TrumptyDumpty #NeverTramp

    1. Rev. Al Shrapnel

      She oughta try eatin’ some good ol’ soul food veggies like collard greens and corn bread. Trash dat Fri-Chik. I wouldn’t feed dat stuff to my dog!

  5. Richard Pills

    Sometimes they let me out of the padded cell and I go to the TV room. Don’t worry; everybody has a straight-jacket on. There’s also a computer. That’s where I read

    When the guys in the white coats aren’t looking, I post a comment. If they catch me, they give me an electric shock. I like today’s story; it’s far out – like me. I guess I need my meds.

    One time a chaplain dude preached here on the great question, “Why are we all here?” One of the really psycho patients blurted out, “Because we ain’t all there!”

  6. B'rock Hussein O'bama

    Witnessing means saying you’re a Christian when they accuse you of being a Muslim. (Not just telling the reporter that “I’m sure the American people are smarter than to believe such rumors.”)

  7. richard mills

    Hey Pills-I ain’t here , so I must not be all there. You is a good gesser. I like you. Maybe you can transfer down here and become part of our great family. See you at the dinner table. I think DeMurr is in for a surprise at the Golden Gate when she meets St. Peter. I just can see the strange look on her face! Yes, I was there to witness it! Woe iz me.

  8. Larry

    When was the last time you heard your pastor mention Jesus in one of his sermons? Very Rarely !!

    My church even covered up its stained glass window of Jesus with children. At least they didn’t replace it with 3 angels ! It’s obvious that all the unique beliefs of Adventism are more important then talking about Jesus.

    I just can’t wait for another sermon series about money (really about the un-pardonable sin of not paying tithe). Or some other non-Jesus mentioning sermon.

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