Adventist disfellowshipped after Rice Krispies found in his Special K Loaf

Special K Loaf: not to be messed with.
Special K Loaf: not to be messed with.

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. — Lifelong Adventist and faithful potluck contributor Chip Skeete was disfellowshipped from Collegedale Church after church elders discovered Rice Krispies in the Special K Loaf he brought to potluck last Sabbath.

Church Board members were not impressed with Skeete’s excuse that he had only discovered his meager supply of Special K five minutes before Friday sundown and was therefore prevented from purchasing another box.

Skeete was curtly informed that he should not have left potluck preparation as late as he had, and that it had most likely also led to cooking on the Sabbath — another factor in his ejection from church.

The board said in a statement posted on the church’s website that they hoped to set an example in their treatment of Skeete’s case. “If we don’t clamp down on this kind of behavior, the next thing you’ll see is members bringing freshly purchased KFC buckets to potluck and calling them FriChik.”

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  1. richard mills

    Hey, Brother Chip-have no fear. That CB doesn’t know what they have done to you or any other person who might in that same predicament. Maybe you should try the Rice Krispies made by Aldi’s or WalMart or even MOM’s. Did you know that Special K is really Rice Krispies rejects at the factory? The Krispie rejects go to a special machine that mixes it with a non-GMO liquid and then is squeezed thru a plate with tiny holes the size of Special K. It’s true. My Uncle Looie works in that section of Kellogs. He is always right about these things.. Pox on the houses of that mean CB!

  2. Survivor of Adventist Abuse

    Great innovation Chip! I would have done the same thing. The elders in your particular church have lost the message that we are here to love and support one another, not judge. This is a perfect example of “righteousness through diet” it’s up to God to judge you, not the pharisees of the Adventist Church. If they are so worried about your casserole baking after sundown that’s their problem. It’s no different than heating up the food on Sabbath. If you feel like its a sin, that’s what forgiveness is for and what Jesus died on the cross for, to cover our imperfections. Find a different fellowship and move on. God knows your heart and loves you.

    1. Former SDA member

      I totally agree with you, Survivor! The SDA church, to my mind, keeps placing their emphasis on the wrong things. No wonder there are more and more members leaving the church. God Bless!

    1. Hilary

      Though amused, I was just reflecting on the cultish aspects. I left ages ago. I mean, “health food and the apocalypse.” It’s all pretty South Park. The only thing I really seem to have left from being raised in the church is a penchant for old- school vegetarian dishes.

  3. Another Survivor

    I was thinking this had to be satire. but still I wouldn’t put it past them to actually do something like this. After all they have become so much like the Jehova Witness. they think they know it all and think if you aren’t SDA then you aren’t saved. They actually kicked me out when I was 20. Haven’t been a member since.

    1. richard mills

      Yo, Another Survivor-Sorry about you leaving the church. Must have been something real bad. Really, it doesn’t have to be a thing really bad. It could just a small disagreement over stuff. You come back to my church and I will great you as a brother. You ain’t lost yet. Give it another try. See you next Sabbath. No names, no nothing. Just good fellowship. Woe iz me on this one!!

  4. Messianic Sabbatarian

    Too funny! And the comments had me ROFLOL! I left the SdA religious organization secular social club corporation* over thirty years ago when I discovered that the 1844 and Investigative Judgment doctrines were nowhere to be found in Scripture. So I took the Scripture advice found in 2 Tim 2:15 and now “study to preach straight” as the Aramaic original reads. Richard Mills, your comment reminds me of the time one of my best friends, an SdA pastor, prayed for me “as a backslider” to “return to the faith” (meaning the “church”). I told him I found a better faith by studying Scripture for myself and “buying eye salve” of the Holy Spirit. Since then (over 20 years ago), he is just another in a long list of SdA fair-weather friends who are “polite” when we meet but never follow up on our former friendships. *Richard and Ginger, the SdA secular corporation is NOT a church! It is a government established “non-profit religious organization”; see 26 USC 501 (c) (3) and compare to 26 USC 508 (c) (1) (A) which says “churches” are mandatory exceptions from requesting non-profit status. Why? Because churches are sacred entities that are tax immune! Consider the Scripture that says, the clay does not control the potter. The secular state cannot create a sacred entity. Therefore, when the “church” is incorporated by the secular state, the “church” abandons its scared standing and becomes a secular religious organization that is controlled by the state!

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