FBI investigates fake bill fraud in Adventist offering plates


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The FBI is investigating a large case of fake bill fraud that has been discovered in the offering plates of Seventh-day Adventist churches in the United States.

FBI agents have been dispersed across churches nationwide and are posing as deacons in order to catch the perpetrators of the scheme.

The fraud involves primarily fake $20 bills. “It seems some Adventists are so eager to impress fellow members that they have been putting fake bills in the offering plate just to look good,” said denominational spokesperson Zuhper Slieh.

“We like to encourage giving in our church,” said Slieh, “but flashing aroundĀ fake $20 bills hardly qualifies you as a cheerful giver.”

FBI agents working the case are discovering other fake items that members are using as status symbols.

“They’ve already busted a whole flock of our members for having fake Rolex watches,” said Slieh.

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  1. richard mills

    Yeah, the agents were around my church the last couple of weeks. We even invited them to the pot luck. They were impressed, especially with the Special K loaf made with Rice Krispies. The Little Debbies seemed to have disappeared right off the plate. As for the fake 20’s. No luck. At another SDA church in the next county up north, the agents did find 3 phony bills. The local conference is investigating. Details to follow in a few days. woe iz me!!

  2. Gee

    That is very sad!
    God sees that these people are being very dishonest and they will have to answer to Him for their trickery.
    I can’t even fathom doing something like that.

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