Adventist caught vacuuming after Friday sunset

Someone should learn better time management.
Someone should learn better time management.

BERKSHIRE, England — Earlier today a sudden bolt of lightning tore a hole in the roof of a house belonging to a Seventh-day Adventist.

The lightning strike occured minutes after sunset as Waden en Agua, a deacon at the local Adventist Church, was rushing to finish vacuuming his living room.

Famously spread thin for over-committing to church and other causes around town, Agua said he had lost track of time and was rushing to finish his pre-Sabbath chores at the time of the incident.

Agua said he was grateful to be alive and expressed relief that he had not been soaking in his Sabbath bath when the lightning struck.

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  1. Kate

    I will admit…I have used the vacuum during Sabbath hours. Once it happened as we got the call that guests were coming. When the cot was brought out for someone to sleep on, some of the filling came out onto the living room floor. It was quicker to clean up with the vacuum than it would have been with a broom.
    The last thing I do Friday afternoon is to clean the floor. If I do it earlier in the day, I’ll just have to do it all over again. Some folk don’t know that the mat outside the front door is for wiping the shoes off.

  2. Vegan Deaconess

    I had to clean my front window once on Sabbath. We had guests coming over for vespers, and my dog, who is a non-SDA, smeared the front windows with saliva. I felt it was like pulling my ox out of a ditch on Sabbath. I did pay extra tithe the next week, just to be safe!,

  3. Kenny Gee

    When I was much younger (and an Adventist) there were many times that I looked over my shoulder, watching for that bolt of lightning or waiting to be turned to a pillar of salt, while finishing some task that was overlapping onto the Sabbath…

  4. Richard mills

    Warning the next bolt is for those sda,s who travel home each Friday at sabbath hours, quick stops at the deli, a few donuts at dd,working at any sda institution, and other emergencies. Woe iz me this sabbath day.

  5. This is the only area where Adventists are likely to clash with secular government as they regard it as a “sacred responsibility” to be good citizens. Adventist worship is very like other Protestant worship – apart from the fact that the main day for worship is a Saturday not a Sunday.

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