Adventist Church sanctions outreach tattoos

Baring his Adventism...
Baring (or bearing) his Adventism…

SILVER SPRING, Md. — In an historic shift of tattoo policy, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has sanctioned the use of ‘outreach tattoos.’

In a press release this morning, the GC stressed that acceptable tattoos should portray the church in a positive light “and be large enough to be legible, leaving no room for confusion in the eye of the beholder.”

Members wishing to get an approved outreach tattoo are requested to run the intended tattoo design past their local pastor for a second opinion before incurring the cost and considerable physical discomfort of the procedure said GC Director of Adornment Policing, Reemove Ahl.

Ahl added that anyone wishing to sport the official SDA logo in a tattoo would need to have it done at the GC headquarters where a whole third-floor wing has been dedicated to “cutting edge outreach efforts.”


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  1. richard mills

    What if I told you I know a guy who has the 2300 day chart tattooed on his back? He witnessed at the beach by lying on his stomach. Strollers can observe the chart as they go by. Neat? Or What? Woe iz me!!

  2. richard mills

    Let me tell you of another guy I know who tattooed the Daniel 2 image-head of gold, his breast & arms were covered in silver. His belly & thighs were covered in brass. The legs were covered with iron filings. All he did was mix his feet into the wet sand and he recreates the image of Daniel 2. He too, lies on the beach and can roll over at any time the sun it too much. There is no stone to crush the image. The incoming tide will take care of that. I know a lot of tattoo people. 10 Commandments. The Red Sea. The Good Samaritan. The beasts of Revelation. No end of subject matter here. I ‘ve invited a few of them to the 2020 GC Conference. Check out our booth.

    1. harry

      GOD has made it absolutely clear in Leviticus 19:28 you are not to make cutting into your body.Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.The General Conference of Seventh-Day Adentist are under the influence of Satan.No pastor or elder or church who has tattooes is fit to lead the church.They are not fit to read at the alter with tattooes on their bodies.They have to get them removed.Tattooes open portal doors to demons to have possession.People with tattooes do not possess the Holy Spirit they have to get them removed or be dismembered from the church.Pastors and first elders have to step down who have tattooes on their bodies.Having tattooes is an abomination in GOD sight.Could you imagine a pastor who does not have the Holy Spirit due to tattooes on his body which opens portal doors to demons marrying a SDA couple how on Earth will that marriage last.Those demon forces will try every avenue to get that couple to have tattooes on their body because the pastor the person who marry them was cursed with demon spirits due to tattooes on his body what an ABOMINATION in the SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST.May wrath of JESUS CHRIST burn these people on hell amen

  3. Rodgers

    It is sin to tatoo your body or paint your body any where regardless of the writing. Seventh-day Adventists must shy away from such. Read creeping compromise by Joe Crews

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