Wilson Sets Up Nominating Committee Of One To Replace Jackson


SILVER SPRING, Md. — Calling North American Division president Dan Jackson, his “brother from another mother,” General Conference President Ted Wilson acted quickly as Jackson’s official July 1 retirement date was confirmed.

Wilson named himself to a nominating committee of one for Jackson’s replacement, saying he was looking for someone “less Canadian” this time around.

The GC leader revealed his shortlist for Jackson’s replacement involved a selection of candidates each of whom was “very male, very ordained and very much a graduate of Weimar.”

Reminding members to “lay off the gossip juice” before the new NAD president is identified, Wilson said he still needed to run his final decision past the GC Executive Committee before announcing the new NAD leader by smoke signal.

Wilson tweeted his congratulations to Jackson, saying it was big of the extremely popular outgoing leader to “do the right thing and retire before he gets nominated to run the whole church.”


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  1. richard mills

    I want the NAD job as its president. I am friendly. I can give orders. I can get projects done. I love to travel. I speak Adventese fluently. I support the good old boy network. I can work around the WO thing. I love haystacks. Have GC HR contact me for salary requirements.

    1. Hartmut W Sager

      Skip the celery requirements, you luzer. You’re just a stalk boy. And though you are “less Canadian”, you’re also less of everything else, judging by all your previous posts. King Sevvy’s lackey just doesn’t qualify.

  2. Richard Mills

    Yo, Harty- I aint Canadian. I am true blue New Englander. No nonsense. I aint no lackey. The NAD constituents will follow my orders, I mean suggestions to get this SDA church in the right direction. No more pablum feeding. The tithe buck buck stops at my desk. I seek support from the people,,not the YES people. MAGA-Make Adventism Great Again is my motto and running platform.

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