Area Adventist Kicked Out Of Zoom Church For Clapping

BOOMBOX, Mich. — Local Adventist Brent Krisma is on the hunt for a new online church service after last Sabbath’s broadcast from his home congregation went sideways.

Krisma had been so moved by the pre-sermon special music performance that he’d leapt out of his sofa, clapping enthusiastically.

Unfortunately for Krisma, he’d had his camera turned on during the applause.

Krisma caught himself as soon as he noticed the look of utter horror on the other Zoom worshippers’ faces. But no amount of acting like he was really trying to clap a fly was going to spare him the swift act of church discipline that ensued.

In no time at all, Krisma was booted from the Zoom service and advised to find another congregation that could deal with his “wild California Adventist ways.”


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  1. Richard Mills

    Did Krisma sanitize his hands before the service began? Was he social distancing as required? Maybe he should have bumped elbows with another person in the house. Woe iz me!!

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