Wilson on Beards: “I don’t know how James White did it…”

Long road ahead


SILVER SPRING, Md. — In an exclusive Adventist News Network interview entirely dedicated to vital beard-growth prep ahead of Annual Council 2018, General Conference President Ted Wilson expressed deep frustration with the lack of growth his own beard was displaying a mere month before the meetings were due to start.

At Annual Council 2017, Wilson had instructed members of the Executive Committee to grow beards for the coming year’s Adventist heritage-themed meetings in Battle Creek, Michigan, the location where the Adventist Church first formed in 1863.

In the ANN interview, Wilson said he had chosen Adventist pioneer and former GC president, James White, as his beard growth role model.

“I don’t know how James White did it,” said Wilson in amazement. “He pulled that beard off without so much as a nugget of FriChik in his diet.”

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  1. richeerich

    The beard is now the in thing for us males. I’m starting mine in time for the 2020 GC Session. Could there be a beard contest? Most colorful? longest? stylish? Biblical motif? most food stains? most look alike a pioneer? This beard thing is gonna be a smash hit by 2020!! Count me in. Can I still eat my Little Debbies with a beard? You betcha!!

  2. Nani

    If it’s not biblical why then do we have to grow beard? We say we’re going back to our roots… then you start with the way you dress which I understand that we need to dress more modestly, but if you start with this to the extreme then you have to get rid of all the commodities that you’ve acquired .let’s continue with what the Bible says and the spirit of prophecy . Times have changed we are not an occult we are the people of God!

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