Trumps infuriates GC by calling Andrews University the capital of Adventism

Boring Springs no more.
Boring Springs no more.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — General Conference leaders are up in arms after US President Donald Trump referred to Berrien Springs-based Andrews University as the “capital of Adventism” in a White House press briefing today.

The GC immediately fired back with a statement claiming that Trump’s remarks were “greatly disappointing” and destined to cause “great controversy within a denomination that has enough drama on its plate as it is.”

Taken completely by surprise by Trump’s words, Andrews administrators grappled with how to diplomatically respond to the announcement.

“We think the president called us Adventism’s capital because of our unparalleled preparation of Sam’s Chicken,” said AU spokesperson, Meesha Waka. “Either that or he was complimenting us on our amazing weather.”

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