Report: Most Adventists convinced Friday sunset creeps up on them

It's time!!
It’s time!!

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — In a study of Adventist worldwide, the majority of respondents expressed a fervent belief that Friday sunsets crept up on them each week.

La Sierra University-based, H.M.S. Divinity School researchers found that Adventists were united in the eerie feeling that Friday sunset had a way of manifesting out of nowhere, long before they had gotten all their work done.

“I’ll be in the middle of a grocery-run when I glance down at my watch and realize that the sun is setting in 20 minutes,” said Isabella Sanchez in Manila, Philippines. “I don’t know why but I am almost always caught off guard.”

Long-time deacon and faithful ingatherer Ingen Sol from Oslo, Norway said that it was almost spooky how Friday sunset crept up on him “like a thief in the night” as he rushed around checking boxes on Friday afternoons.

Most frustrated of all were Adventists living above the Arctic circle that endured winter periods where the sun didn’t rise, much less set, throwing their Fridays into complete disarray.

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One comment

  1. Doug Jones

    True, indeed!

    Jews don’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah.
    Lutherans don’t recognize the Pope as head of the church.
    Methodists don’t recognize each other in the dance hall.
    Baptists don’t recognize each other in the liquor store.
    Adventists don’t recognize each other in the grocery check-out line 1 minute after Friday sunset.

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