The Real Audiovisual Guys of Campmeeting coming to 3ABN this fall!

It is ON!
So legit…

WEST FRANKFORT, Ill.- 3ABN is introducing a new 12 episode reality series this fall, The Real Audiovisual Guys of Campmeeting. The network has confirmed that the series began filming in early June and is expected to air in October of this year.

“I got the idea at last year’s campmeeting,” said the show’s creator and executive producer, Rex Ploithemall. “On Sabbath morning during opening hymn, there was a sudden commotion coming from the back of the tent. When I turn around, I see two AV guys engaged in a slap fight! I later found out that there was territorial tension building up between the pair all weekend. They might have ruined a lovely rendition of Wonderful Peace, but we got a great show out of it.”

Ploithemall declined to comment when asked about the show’s story arches. However, an anonymous source involved in production insisted that the show would be worth watching.

“In the first week of filming we got a fist fight, guys throwing Postum in each other’s faces, and one guy replaced someone’s Superlink with a Big Frank. Brutal stuff! You won’t want to miss this!”

Special thanks to Faith Nevins Andrews for the guest post.

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