Adventist Camp Meeting Reports “Tremendous Revival” After Accidentally Serving Real Coffee

Not Roma
Not Roma

SLEEPY HOLLOW, Colo. — A Rocky Mountain Conference camp meeting reported a “tremendous revival” today with crowds of Adventist talking, singing and preaching excitedly at an energy level never witnessed before.

A sense of renewed vigor and unbounded optimism had swept over everyone at the annual Sleepy Hollow camp meeting after what catering staff are calling a “minor mixup” during a break for refreshments.

“We accidentally served real, leaded coffee instead of our usual Roma,” admitted Catering Coordinator Noes Miculpa.

Those attending camp meeting seemed to be minimally troubled by the catering mistake as they skipped around the campground whistling hymns and high-fiving complete strangers.

“Its amazing,” said Sleepy Hollow praise leader Kom Igen, shaking his head. “Over half the people raised their hands in the song service after that refreshment break. I have never seen such life in an Adventist crowd!”

At press time, General Conference Reformation and Revival specialists were en route to the camp meeting, determined to learn from what appeared to be a new standard in best practice.

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