Independent review declares GC San Antonio complete fiasco. Recommends redo.

See you next year!
See you next year!

SILVER SPRING, Md. — An independent review of the 2015 San Antonio-based General Conference Session has declared it a “complete fiasco.”

The review by the Adventist Anti-Corruption Bureau took two years to complete.

The review found that not only had the session run up an enormous bill in accommodation and FriChik costs for delegates but that the run-up to the vote on women’s ordination was “riddled with maddening irregularities.”

“The data suppression and manipulative tactics used to get an “acceptable” vote on women’s ordination would have impressed any dictator past or present,” read the report which was released today.

“The church spent an enormous amount of money studying the issue of women’s ordination only to distract voting delegates from the outcome of the study.”

The report went on to say that “if the delegates had been openly told that a super majority of the Theology of Ordination Study Committee supported allowing divisions of the church to decide for themselves on whether to ordain women, Adventist history would have been written very differently.”

The report recommended a “complete redo” of the GC session by next summer.

Investigators recommended a cooler location than San Antonio for the redo session claiming that the Texan heat “really egged on the hotheads in 2015.”

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