“Talk Holy to Me” – an Adventist hip hop parody video

OK, so no, we haven’t done a lot of video yet on BarelyAdventist. But we aren’t going to say “no” when Adventists dabble in parody hip hop, film a hilarious music vid in church (among other places) and then say we can post it. Adventist talent is alive:) ENJOY!!

(Special thanks to Dun Owl Studios for filming / editing and to the writer, Angel Reyes)

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  1. Richard Mills

    Yo, dudes-whassup wit did hip hop? It be cooool, you know, real cool, I mean, you know, like the language of Canaan, like Sista White said, you know. Hey brothas -you be real cool!! Could be the music for the youth at the GC or even the GYC 2015. Woe is me!!

    1. Where did you go to school? You misspelled “da” as “the” five times.

      In Judge 12, after the inhabitants of Gilead inflicted a military defeat upon the tribe of Ephraim, the surviving Ephraimites tried to cross the Jordan River back into their home territory. The Gileadites secured the river’s fords to stop them. In order to identify and kill the Ephraimite refugees, the Gileadites made each refugee say the word “shibboleth.” The Ephramite dialect did not contain the “sh” sound and so those who pronounced the word as “sibboleth” were identified as Ephramites.

      Got you, Richard! Your “the” failed da shibboleth test. Read your Urban Dictionary, sir!

  2. Richard Mills

    Tyrone-you dissed me, bro, i be goin’ back to da hood, you know, to cool down. look for me in harlem, columbus ave & 156th. my hoodie is grey wit red line. you know?

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