Sam’s Chicken Earns Andrews Cafeteria A Michelin Star

Plate-licking good

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. — In an absolute first for an Adventist institution, the Andrews University cafeteria has been awarded a Michelin star in recognition of its “longstanding dedication to flawless Sam’s Chicken.”

The veggie chicken dish has been a staple at the school for decades and has impressed even the most committed of real chicken lovers.

The latest edition of the Michelin guide said that while none of its editors or quality testers had ever been in Berrien Springs, and they hope never to return, “that fried goodness made the trip 100% worth it.”


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  1. Richard Mills

    Is this the same item as the impossible whopper from Burger King? Sure looks like it only reconfigured to look like a chicken-I mean a Vega chicken. How about some of this food for pot luck next week instead of rice&beans?

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