Queer Eye Decides to Make Over Weimar’s Dress Code

WEIMAR, Calif. — The fashionistas on Netflix hit Queer Eye have offered to take on an entirely pro bono project in doing a makeover of Weimar Institute’s dress code. The five grooming gurus said that they made the decision after a “traumatizing read of the Dress & Personal Appearance section of Weimar’s student handbook.” 

The team has decided to completely revamp both the men’s and the women’s dress code to “lift it out of the 19th century.”

Queer Eye promised that after the guys are done, campus attire will “no longer trigger immediate thoughts of Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones.”

Weimar’s administration responded to the offer by saying there was a reason the school does not subscribe to Netflix.


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  1. Richard Mills

    Are those 5 guys drinking that carbonated apple juice from NAPA valley? Yes, I say, it is time to change the way many SDA women dress. Weimar sets the standard and the trend finds its way to the local church. Will this dress code be fully implemented by the 2020GC? Looking forward to it!!

  2. Lawerence

    I hope they are aware that sleeveless dresses that expose armpits are a big sexual turn on to all Adventist boys and men. Especially according to the girls deans in most SDA boarding academy’s and colleges. And if you are a big fan of Amazing Facts Crap, and Joe Crews and Doug Batchler you will be especially turned on

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