Pentatonix releases remix of Adventist classic “We Have This Hope”

They hope you'll like it.
They hope you’ll like it.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Hot off a successful Christmas tour, popular a cappella group Pentatonix has announced the release of their own remix of Adventist classic We Have This Hope.

Kevin “K.O.” Olusola, the beat boxer of the group, is an Adventist and the reason that the group does not perform on Friday nights.

Olusola said that he was able to persuade his fellow singers that the time had come to add a distinctively Adventist hymn to their repertoire.

“We’re all Christmas-ed out with the holiday songs we’ve been performing lately,” said Olusola. “I thought we could shake things up by giving a facelift to the Adventist national anthem.”

Olusola said that it was high time to reward the group’s huge Adventist following with “something as Adventist as vegetarian potluck.”

He added that while some Adventists might find it sacrilegious to add beatboxing to a remix of We Have This Hope, Pentatonix was confident the new a cappella arrangement would make the song a hit.

“It could be the first Adventist hymn to win a Grammy,” said Olusola.

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