Beer place admits to ‘slight miscalculation’ after advertising to GYC crowd

Image credit: Laurie Denski-Snyman
Image credit: Laurie Denski-Snyman

PHOENIX, Ariz. — A local watering hole realized a little too late that it had advertised its Happy Hour offerings to the wrong crowd.

Admitting to a “slight miscalculation,” Pit Stop Bar said that it had already printed and displayed a Happy Hour / Bud Light banner welcoming GYC attendees to the Phoenix area when they were told that the sign was unlikely to draw much business.

“I wish someone had told us that GYC stood for ‘Generation of Youth for Christ’ and that the craziest thing these guys drink is root beer,” said deflated manager, Joe Fracaso. “This was a waste of a banner.”

Fracaso said that business had been very slow during the GYC conference this week.

“The only time I can remember business being this bad is when there was an Alcoholic Anonymous conference at the convention center,” said Fracaso.

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  1. richeerich

    Joe’s last name was mispelled-should have been FIASCO. Please correct error. The joint was selling the “near beer” stuff. less than 1/2 of 1% alcohol. Far less than hot chocolate or Sanka or Roma. It’s OK to imbibe this stuff. Use it every day, I think?

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