Oversight Committee Formed to Monitor George Knight

He’s a handful:)

SILVER SPRING, Md. — A brand new addition has been made to a list of recently formed oversight committees at the General Conference. So far, the committees cover Sabbath wading, disruptive church snoring, troubled vegans and Adventist creativity in pinning jewellery on clothing so that it no longer counts as jewellery.

The new committee is entirely dedicated to monitoring each and every one of Adventist historian George K. Knight’s sermons, editorials or banned books.

The academic has grown increasingly critical of the GC, likening power grabs by the Adventist denomination’s leadership to the behavior of the medieval Roman Catholic Church.

The new oversight committee has started its work by asking Knight to voluntarily submit to wearing an ankle monitor and to promise to refrain from penning any more Spectrum articles.

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  1. richeerich

    I find it odd that SDA employed workers find it difficult to express their views while being employed by the denomination. As soon as one retires, everything seems to let loose. As a former SDA employee, I know where of I speak. Why is that? Let me go back to my crib and chew on some Little Debbies.

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