Annual Council Rebranded as “Annual Crisis”


SILVER SPRING, Md. — In an effort to more accurately describe the yearly October meetings of the General Conference Executive Committee, senior church leaders have chosen to rebrand Annual Council as “Annual Crisis.”

“We feel that the new name conveys the overall nature of these meetings more faithfully,” said newly-appointed Annual Crisis coordinator, Emer Hencia, claiming that the new branding justified closer policing of the yearly event by elite members of the Compliance Committee Secret Service.

Hencia said that although the agenda for this year’s meetings alone promises to be severely problematic, the real crisis is going to be the facial hair most of the delegates have been racing to grow.

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  1. June

    I believe these posts are getting more and more slanted toward sacrilegious and for this one we are having a day of fasting and prayer. T his is going to be a very serious gathering in the interest of church togetherness or division
    I understand you want to be hilarious but lately they are not.

  2. richeerich

    In my church, the annual crisis is being replaced by a weekly crisis-mainly the crisis of a pot luck. Always the same old, same old, same old. Can’t wait to get home and indulge in my delicious Little Debbies.

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