OBG – SLIDESHOW: 12 meat substitutes favored by Adventists

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If there's one thing Adventists are fond of, it's their veggie meat. And why not? Adventists were pioneers in the field of meat alternatives (aka "meat analogues." Blech. Good thing they stuck with the other title.) Plus, though the meat is faux, the enjoyment is real. Let's be honest: Veggie meat tastes nothing like their meat counterparts. But they still taste pretty good, especially the ones that substitute for the unclean meats. Mmmmm, clean-unclean (non)meat.

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  1. Kate

    I’ve tried that veggie fish; both the more recent faux fish available in the regular grocery and the tuno roll from the SDA liquor store. 😉 Too me the smell too much like dead fish. Unless I have that rare cold w/ stuff nose, it can not make it to my mouth. Even a cat I once allowed to sample all my veggie meals, attempted to bury it.

  2. richard mills

    Whatever happened to the following “vega meats”?-Nuteena, Nutmeat, Vegalona, Bolono, Tuno, Protose, Chick on a Stick(popsicle stick). All were delicious once they were doctored up with spices, tomato sauce, peppers, onions, fried to a crisp, soaked in a gravy. I love Saucettes with scramble eggs, home fries, fried peppers & onions. I defy anyone to tell the difference in real meat loaf and my wife’s special K/cottage cheese loaf. Meat eaters in the family cannot tell the difference. Even at the local SDA pot luck, they always ask, “Is this the real stuff or the other?” Yummy yummy, good for your tummy. These vega meat inventors will be in Heaven at the mile long table serving up the best “heavenly” dishes. Woe iz me!!

    1. Cronnie

      You have very polite family….
      There is a reason that veggie products don’t last long before going off the market. However, the same cannot be said for my steak, chops and chicken.
      Time to light the fire and get my veggie neighbours mouths watering.

  3. LindaTM

    #drooling…FryChik was my all time favourites of these although many mentioned have never been availble in Asutralia. When I first tried chicken, I was devastated as I had had my expectations set by FryChik and the ‘real’ stuff didn’t come close in flavour (great for the chickens, I guess, as one less person in the world consuming them!) – gutted that Worthingtons no longer stocked in Australia – the ABC book stores used to stock along with the ‘sani shop’ at the Sanitarium Factory at Cooranbong – both long obsolete – there is still a factory outlets at Cooranbong and an ABC at the San hospital Wahronnga, Sydney but no Worthingtons for at least a decade [along with the now obsolete Sanitraium products : Bologna, ‘salad loaf’, vegi links, BBQ sausages, ‘sawdust sausages’, redo burger, and those stunning short-crust pastry pies in a tin (we’re talking 20pus years ago for those]…

  4. lllurl jannings

    Why do those of you who claim to be vegetarian have to have fake, look-alike and never taste like the real thing? That is the great hypocrisy! If you want to be a real vegetarian be one but to be a fake one is ridiculous and unhealthy.
    You have Canine teeth. You don’t have them to munch on a carrot but for tearing meat apart just like any other animal.
    Give me a great steak any day of the week.

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