Landfills beg Adventists to stop carpeting cities with free Great Controversy paperbacks

There might be better ways to spread the Good News.
There might be better ways to spread the Good News.

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Waste management authorities in cities across the country have joined voices to formally implore the General Conference to stop mass distribution of free copies of the Adventist classic The Great Controversy.

While acknowledging that the denomination’s intention has not been to litter, landfill administrators claim that the books have so indiscriminately carpeted major American cities that the volumes are proving to be “environmentally hazardous.”

Enserio Nomasse, spokesperson for the American Responsible Waste Management Association, challenged Adventists to find “greener ways” to share their message.

Nomasse suggested that city dwellers might be more open to new ideas if the Adventist church showed “better environmental stewardship using more sustainable methods.”

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