Michelle Obama launches Friday Night Haystacks as White House tradition

It's official...
It’s official…

WASHINGTON, D.C. — First Lady Michelle Obama launched the latest upgrade to her Let’s Move healthy lifestyle campaign this morning with an announcement of a new Friday Night Haystacks tradition at the White House.

Citing a recent report by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) calling haystacks “the most balanced meal in America,” the First Lady decided the dish was perfect for Friday night entertaining at the White House.

“It’s a great ice breaker because it gets everyone up and moving around a large table with lots of fresh ingredients,” said Obama. “We’ve done some trial runs and so far everyone loves haystacks because you get to create your own masterpiece and it’s really hard to go wrong with veggies, chips and some cheese.”

The First Lady admitted that initially she didn’t even know what haystacks were. After discovering the truth about the dish, Obama said she thought the name “haystacks” sounded much more fun than “taco salad.”

“Whoever came up with the name for that dish is a genius,” she said.


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  1. Too bad the First Lady is only now discovering haystacks. Just think if she had discovered them 7 years ago! Let’s hope she leaves the recipe in the White House for her successor (Bill C., Jane S., Melania T., Heidi C., or Karen K.) so he or she can keep the tradition alive. Wouldn’t it be great to see “First Gentleman” Bill serving a Friday night treat of haystacks?

  2. richard mills

    Did you know that M. Obama takes this haystack stuff every time they go on vacation to Hawaii? Yep! Even the SS people get to eat it. Keeps them on their toes. Air Force 1 carries a complete compliment of haystacks. Even R. Castro had some while Obama was in Cuba. Relations with US & Cuba are at an all time high. Viva la haystacks, mi amigos. Yummy yummy es bueno par la tummy.. Woe iz me!!

      1. Joanna Maragh

        ahahahahaha SS = sabbath school??? That’s the Best! Maybe one day soon! Jesus is coming soon! Hard hearts are softening, as the Holy Spirit continues to move. Who knows what kind of seeds have been planted, by Black? and Carson? And Kevin O.? 😉

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