Maranatha International Gets Own HGTV Show

And cut!
And cut!

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Adventist construction nonprofit Maranatha International has made denominational history by being the first Adventist organization to get its own HGTV (Home & Garden Television) show.

The new HGTV programming will follow Maranatha volunteers around the world as they build churches, eat veggie food and sing “kumbaya” on short term mission trips.

“We chose Maranatha for our new show because these guys know how to have fun on the job,” said an HGTV statement announcing the show, “their volunteers never commit to a mission trip unless there is at least one day of beach time worked in.”

The statement said that in addition to beach days off, Maranatha volunteers “won’t lift a finger to do any construction work on Saturdays but instead have a really strange habit of using their tape measures to determine the depth of pools of water before doing what they call ‘Sabbath wading.'”

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  1. richeerich

    I don’t need a measuring tape to figure out the depth of the pool water or the beach. If it reaches my knee caps, I am good to go. I don’t intend to walk on water, only in it! Watch me as I crunch my Little Debbies.

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