Man sues after falling from church window during Adventist sermon

BORING, Ore. — An Adventist man has sued his local congregation after miraculously surviving a fall from an open church window.

Charly Drawsee had reportedly opened a balcony window at Tumble Weed Lane Adventist Church to let some fresh air into the sanctuary during an exceptionally long sermon.

He also decided to sit on the window ledge in order to optimally enjoy the cool breeze.

Half an hour after last Sabbath’s visiting preacher promised for the third time that he was wrapping things up, a dull thud was heard from outside the church.

Curious members discovered a rudely-awakened Drawsee, who, quite fortuitously, had landed in a patch of bushes.

Although Drawsee had mostly sustained injuries to what most of his fellow members considered an over-inflated ego, he filed suit against his own congregation today.

The suit does not seek financial damages but demands legally binding regulations forbidding Tumble Weed Lane preachers from speaking for over 20 minutes.

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